Barometer HI-SENSITIV ø 97 mm - A80 - Stainless steel - VION


The case is mirror finish polished and made of solid 0,5mm thick “18/10” stainless steel (AISI 304L). Distinctive dial with 2-colour print. Front glass is PMMA (Acrylic glass). Quick locking device included.

3 years of guarantee.

The VION series has a recognizable design. Blue and red hands and pointers are used in all instruments and blue and red printing on the dials. The drop-shaped symbol is a recurring feature.

Hi-Sensitiv barometer - the slightest pressure change is detected by the barometer.

What is the high sensitivity mechanism?
The movement of the barometer-pointer is amplified 1.5 times compared to the conventional barometer movement resulting in a more reactive and easy reading.

Accuracy is ±5hPa (millibar).

14-21 working days delivery time

DE/V/A080 B


VION A080 wall mount template

Download (29.41k)

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