Precision aneroid barometer ø 165 mm - Fischer


Aneroid barometer for measuring the absolute atmospheric air pressure. Precision measuring unit with 5-fold aneroid set of copper-beryllium alloy, intrinsically stable.

- Measuring range 890 to 1050 hPa
- Measurement accuracy ± 0.7 hPa
- Scale division 0.5 hPa. 

The aneroid doses are almost free of aging, hysteresis and elastic aftereffects. The temperature influence on the kit and the transmission system is compensated by a bimetal over the entire measuring range and in a temperature range of -30 to +40 ° C. The transfer of the can stroke to the pointer axis is done by means of drive and segment with the finest teeth. All bearings are finely polished. Due to the advantageous design of linkage and bearings, the instruments have only a minimum resting friction.

- Case polished brass or chrome plated,
- diameter 165 mm.
- Mineral glass cover.

Delivery time ca. 4 weeks


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