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The barometer is used to measure atmospheric air pressure in hPa. Air pressure can be understood as the weight of an air column that extends from the earth's surface to the upper layers of the atmosphere. At sea level, the global air pressure is 1013.25 hPa. It mostly fluctuates between 990 and 1040 hPa.

The air layer above and with it the air pressure decrease with increasing altitude, about 1 hPa per 8 m height difference near the earth. In order to obtain comparable air pressure values, all data are related to sea level in the weather observation. This means that the pressure actually present on site (absolute air pressure) is converted to the level of the sea level (reduced air pressure).

The barometer is set in the manufacturer's factory for the height specified on the packaging. Only in rare cases will it be possible to use the barometer without having to reset it.

14-21 working days delivery time

To ensure that your barometer is immediately ready for use at altitudes above 900m above sea level, we provide it with a special altimeter and adjust it individually to your altitude.

You can determine your local altitude using the following link:

Enter your local height at the 3rd step of the purchase process under shipping method in the "Comment" field with the text "local height = ...".


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