Under EU law, we offer our customers a minimum 2-year warranty.

Instrument repairs

In cooperation with our brand manufacturers we offer a repair service.

If you have a defective instrument that is not covered by warranty and you want to have it repaired, please contact us via our email address.

- Provide a clear description of the problem and add photos for clarification if necessary.
- We will contact the respective manufacturer with this information and request repair advice.
- We will then briefly close that advice with repair appointments and quotation so that you can make a decision.
- Repairs are always carried out by us or the manufacturer.

We cannot process repair requests for brands that fall outside our collection.

Compass repairs


In collaboration with Autonautic Instrumental we offer a worldwide Compass repair service.

We have a renowned bar repair service to repair your magnetic compass in the shortest possible time no matter where the ship is located.
Autonautic is the only company in the world with ISO 9001:2015 for magnetic bar repair services.
More than 4000 repairs and a deep knowledge of the manufacturers provide us the experience necessary to repair any type of compass with confidence.
24/7 bar compensation service at all ports in Spain and major ports around the world through onboard compensation and remote assistance for compensation.
Autonautic are recognized by RINA for magnetic compass services.
Compass Exchange Program, we have a permanent stock of refurbished and duly certified compasses from major brands ready to be shipped to any destination in the world.


With routine maintenance, we can ensure that your vessels will have a standard magnetic compass on which they can rely, in any situation.
Autonautic has a well know magnetic compass repair service. Within the shortest time.
Autonautic is the only company in the world with the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard for the repair of magnetic compasses.
We also carry out restorations of old and classic compasses.


We maintain a comprehensive stock of overhauled and certified magnetic compasses from all major brands ready to be shipped to any global port. These compasses are fully certified and ready for installation.
Send us an echange service request and we will send you a detailed quotation inmediatly.
We have several Exchange Compasses in-Stock.


Onboard compass adjustment.
Autonautic’s qualified compass adjusters are available to adjust compasses in most ports in Spain and Europe and provide a certified, signed and stamped deviation table.
Once the compensation has been made, we deliver the compensation certificate and the deviation curve on board.


Autonautic are recognized by RINA for magnetic compass services.
The Autonautic factory and repair workshop in Barcelona is fully equipped to carry out the 4or 2 years overhaul to issue RINA certificates for italian flaged vessels.