Barograph (mechanically) 345 x 190 x 185 mm - Fischer


Aneroid barograph for registration of atmospheric air pressure.

- Measuring range 955 to 1055 hPa
- Accuracy ± 0,7 hPa
- Diagram division1 hPa.

The measuring element of the barograph is a 7-piece set of diaphragm cartridges, made of a copper-beryllium alloy, which has proven itself for pressure measurement due to its excellent elastic nature. Aging, hysteresis and elastic aftertreatment practically do not occur. The temperature influence on the kit and the transmission system is compensated by a bimetal over the entire measuring range and in a temperature range of -30 to +40 ° C. All axes of the fine mechanical measuring mechanism are mounted in stone, whereby the instrument has only a minimum resting friction.

The parts of the measuring mechanism are made of polished brass.
Mahogany colored real wood case 345 x 190 x 185 mm.
Mechanical winding movement with daily and weekly circulation. The circulation times are 25.6h / 176h.

Included in delivery are 60 diagram sheets weekly circulation and 2 fiber writing tips.

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