Garage climate meter - Fischer


The garage climate meter with thermometer clearly shows the optimal climate values within your garage.
A quick and precise orientation thanks to the colored areas helps to maintain optimal climate values for your vehicles.

The hygrometer is a further development of the Fischer hair hygrometer 111.01, optimized for garages.

Synthetic hygrometers are preferred for measurements in the interior and at low humidity.

The specially treated fibers of the Fischer Synthetic Hygrometer 122.01 are insensitive to temperature (temperature range 0 to +70 ° C) and react quickly to changes in moisture.

- Measuring range air humidity 0 to 100% RH
- Measuring accuracy air humidity +/- 3% RH (20 ... 100%), +1 scale division
- Temperature measuring range 0 to 40 ° C
- Measuring accuracy temperature +/- 1 ° C, +1 scale division

Stainless steel case, diameter 103 mm.

14-21 working days delivery time